AGM 2018

Our Annual General Meeting is held in September every year to elect a new team to run Wasabi. On Thursday we reflected on the year that had passed and of course the enormous growth of Wasabi this year -well done team! I want to thank everyone for coming, voting, eating pizza together and supporting Wasabi at our AGM on Thursday. It was absolutely all worth it in the end as we elected a new and promising team to take over. I am very proud to leave Wasabi to my friend Takeru and I am sure his team will do even better than my team before them.

Best of Luck <3

~ Bec

Our New WASABI Executive Team 2018-2019:

  • President: Takeru Ikenoya
  • Vice Presidents: Kevin Wong + Monica Lee
  • Treasurer: Riko Truong
  • Secretary: Takuya Kojima
  • Event Coordinators: Sarah Lee + Sarah Liu + Jiwoo Jeon
  • IT Officer: Hyehee Shin
  • Communications Officer: Nanako Reza
  • Language Class Coordinator: Sam Yong
  • General Execs: Luke English + Emiri Hashimoto + Jun Yang

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