Chonmage Purin – Movie Night

On Tuesday night, we gathered around plenty of Kentucky Fried Chicken to watch the sweetly whimsical comedy film, Chonmage Purin. We all had a laugh at the confused top-knot samurai as he learned to adjust to modern Tokyo, and even grew fond of baking sweets. Drooling at the countless cakes, chocolate and PUDDING in the film, we all got to relax in this busy part of the semester (and turn a lecture hall into a movie theatre!)
~ Sarah


AGM 2018

Our Annual General Meeting is held in September every year to elect a new team to run Wasabi. On Thursday we reflected on the year that had passed and of course the enormous growth of Wasabi this year -well done team! I want to thank everyone for coming, voting, eating pizza together and supporting Wasabi at our AGM on Thursday. It was absolutely all worth it in the end as we elected a new and promising team to take over. I am very proud to leave Wasabi to my friend Takeru and I am sure his team will do even better than my team before them.

Best of Luck <3

~ Bec

Our New WASABI Executive Team 2018-2019:

  • President: Takeru Ikenoya
  • Vice Presidents: Kevin Wong + Monica Lee
  • Treasurer: Riko Truong
  • Secretary: Takuya Kojima
  • Event Coordinators: Sarah Lee + Sarah Liu + Jiwoo Jeon
  • IT Officer: Hyehee Shin
  • Communications Officer: Nanako Reza
  • Language Class Coordinator: Sam Yong
  • General Execs: Luke English + Emiri Hashimoto + Jun Yang


The executive team of WASABI 2018 is sadly soon going to change however we are all glad to have been part of an awesome society. Today we informed members of the various roles each position held to help the future executives decide which roles best suits them. It was a big change for our society as we updated the constitution and added some new executive positions! Good luck to everyone applying for positions in the upcoming week!


Movie Night: “I want to eat your pancreas”

Tonight we had a screening for the famous live action movie “I want to eat your pancreas”. Many people joined us for the awesome movie/pizza night at ABS. The movie was very emotional and I am sure many of us were deeply touched :’) We wish to have more screenings in the future!

Thank you to everyone who attended.

~ Monica

Asian Food Festival: Somen

USYD’s annual International Festival was held and WASABI participated by bringing you nagashi soumen! A traditional treat usually eaten in the summer in Japan, it was a great way to cool down and have some fun catching noodles as they flowed down a stream of water in a tute. Everyones chopstick and fork catching skills were certainly challenged.


Boardgames + Sushi

Today we had a collab event with SUANIME and Go society where all members played an assortment boardgames. All time favourites were there such as Werewolf, Catan and Exploding Kittens. And to top it off, there were huge sushi platters and the excitement in everyones eyes could definitely be seen. It was an awesome night!

~ Kevin

JAC Hanami 2018

Although the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Japan falls between March and April, that’s obviously during Autumn for us Australians.

We do, however, have Sakura Trees blossoming in August, so we decided that we would go and see them, as a joint event between UNSW and UTS (JAC).

With bentos from Hotto Motto and beautiful Sakura trees, we hope everyone had a great time.

~ Takuya

Gyoza Day

Today members were treated to a helping of gyoza! Accompanied by an assortment of drinks everyone gathered around as they had some dumplings and caught up with friends. It was definitely a hot day but the shade helped combat the heat and who doesn’t love some nice food between classes.



Today we have gathered to make Japanese soul food Onigiri! We organised many different flavoured rice and managed to create some artworks with seaweed wrapped around^^ Many talents were discovered and surely, our appetites were satisfied with all the carbs! Looking forward to more food events.


Welcome BBQ Sem 2

Thank you to everyone who came to our welcome barbecue!

We were blessed with great weather, and had over 80 members come to enjoy the great food and drinks.

We look forward to seeing you at all our events this semester.