Dinner + Karaoke

Eating and karaoke are pastimes of many of our execs and members, so what fun it is when you put them together on the same night!

If you plan to go karaoke-ing again, remember that Echo Point has been kind enough to offer discounts to WASABI members – check out our “Sponsors” tab for more info.



To spice up our weekly Snacks and Chill event, Wasabi execs decided to teach its members some Origami! We were very pleased with the amount of people in attendance and throughout the event it looked as though everyone were enjoying themselves immensely! We made more than just a crane or two as my clever execs made shuriken, flowers and even a kirigami bow!

I was so happy with how quickly people picked up the steps!! Definitely one of my favourite events of the semester!

~Rebecca <3

Blue Mountains Trip

Blue mountain is one of the renown spots in Sydney. As Japan is in Golden week, we decided to go to Blue Mountain trip in last weekend. The trip was awesome, we shared nice moments and landscapes with great friends.


Howl’s Moving Castle Screening

We held movie night on Monday! Lots of cheesy goodness and yummy drinks while watching the beloved film, Howl’s Moving Castle! It was the perfect way to relax from midsem study.


Asian Food Festival

Yesterday, WASABI participated in the Asian Food Festival, a collaboration event between other Asia-related societies at USyd. Our cold matcha lattes were a huge success, with nearly 100 cups being sold.


Sushi Night

The origin of our club name “WASABI” is actually a mystery, even for our execs. But what we do know is that we would be letting you guys if we didn’t have a SUSHI NIGHT for you to experience the famous Japanese dish (plus some wasabi).

Yesterday, WASABI collaborated with Calligraphy Society for a Write and Roll event, where members of both societies could experience calligraphy and sushi-making at the same time!

Special thanks to Daruma for catering our sushi rice.


JAC Orientation

It was nice day to meet up and mingle with new people from other universities Japanese societies. We had activities with groups and everyone at there.


Yakisoba: Fried Noodles

Yakisoba is a popular Japanese dish. Noodles are fried with cabbage and carrot, with a special yakisoba sauce. Add some seaweed, mayo and red ginger for the perfect plate to end the summer with!


Nausicaä Film Screening Event

Yesterday,  we had our first collaboration event with USYD Enviro Collective,  screening the renowned Ghibli film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It was a great chance for everyone from Wasabi and Enviro Collective to reflect upon the impact our society can have on the environment and the detrimental impacts it may present to future generations.