Howl’s Moving Castle Screening

We held movie night on Monday! Lots of cheesy goodness and yummy drinks while watching the beloved film, Howl’s Moving Castle! It was the perfect way to relax from midsem study.


Asian Food Festival

Yesterday, WASABI participated in the Asian Food Festival, a collaboration event between other Asia-related societies at USyd. Our cold matcha lattes were a huge success, with nearly 100 cups being sold.


Sushi Night

The origin of our club name “WASABI” is actually a mystery, even for our execs. But what we do know is that we would be letting you guys if we didn’t have a SUSHI NIGHT for you to experience the famous Japanese dish (plus some wasabi).

Yesterday, WASABI collaborated with Calligraphy Society for a Write and Roll event, where members of both societies could experience calligraphy and sushi-making at the same time!

Special thanks to Daruma for catering our sushi rice.


Yakisoba: Fried Noodles

Yakisoba is a popular Japanese dish. Noodles are fried with cabbage and carrot, with a special yakisoba sauce. Add some seaweed, mayo and red ginger for the perfect plate to end the summer with!


Welcome BBQ

Today we held our start-of-semester barbecue, a chance for all WASABIans to meet and get to know each other.

Fortunately, we were blessed with great weather despite the forecast.

We hope everyone had a great time and made some new friends!


New Members Welcome Event

To everyone new to USyd – welcome!

Today, we held our first event of the semester: a Campus Run, aimed at students new to USyd.

All groups were successfully able to complete the challenge – well done! Bring your coupons to our barbecue on Thursday to redeem your free soft drink.


OWeek 2018!

What a week!

WASABI participated in Sydney Uni’s annual OWeek from 28th Feb – 2nd Mar, along with all the other USU clubs and societies.

The event was a huge success, with almost 300 people joining our club!

We look forward to having fun with you this semester, so make sure you come to all our events!


End of Semester Izakaya

Last night, WASABI held our biannual end-of-semester izakaya event at Daruma to celebrate the closing of semester 2, 2017.

The event was a massive success, with over 50 people participating. Attendees included not only WASABI members but also members of the Japanese societies of other universities.

And with that, let’s call it a wrap for WASABI 2017! Good luck with all your exams and we hope to see you again next year!


Soumen: Chilled Noodles

Today we tucked into a refreshing serving of soumen with mentsuyu dipping sauce. Soumen are thin noodles that are a popular dish in Japan, typically eaten during the summer. And certainly its taste did not disappoint here!


Kakigori: Shaved Ice

A classic hot day met with the coolness of kakigori brought flocks of people, both members and non-members to battle the heat. There were various flavours to add to the manually shaven ice where even some eager individuals went hands-on and made their own. It was a great day to kick back and relax in the shade or to quickly cool down before the next class.