Upcoming Events

Come along and join us at any of these events! Non-WASABI members are also welcome. (You may be asked to pay a small extra fee.)

  • Weekly Snacks and Chill
    Friday on even weeks: 10/Aug, 24/Aug, 7/Sept, 12/Oct, 26/Oct
    Thursday on odd weeks: 16/Aug, 13/Sept, 4/Oct, 18/Oct
    (As an exception, Snacks and Chill W5 is held on 31/Aug (Fri), since ISL was already book on Thursday)
    (Dates are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.)

@ International Student Lounge (ISL)
12pm to whenever we run out of snacks

Come along to our weekly Snacks and Chill event to enjoy some Japanese snacks and escape your busy uni life. The perfect event for socialising, catching up with friends and meeting people with the same interests as you!

  • Movie Night
    Thu 6th Sept, 6pm-
    @ ABS Seminar Room 2110

We will be doing a film screening of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. We’ll be getting some pizza too, so make sure you come along!

With ACCESS: $2

  • Pre-AGM Information Session
    Thu 13th Sept, 3-5pm
    @ Isabel Fidler Room, Manning

Are you interested in joining the next executive team? If so, come along to our information session where we’ll be outlining the roles and responsibilities of each position, as well as explaining the proposed changes to our constitution.

  • Annual General Meeting, 2018
    Thu 20th Sept, 3-5pm
    @ Isabel Fidler Room, Manning

Join us as we say goodbye to our current team and form a new one for the coming year. We’ll also be reflecting on what WASABI has done in the past year, and vote on amendments to our constitution.

Updated: 2/9/18